Suggestions and Requests
« on: May 29, 2009, 09:39:17 PM »
First, the suggestion:

I think these self-help forums would be much more useful if they were organized into subcategories.  For example, under Unlimited PHP Sitemap Generator you might have categories for memory issues, cron jobs, installation, tips, etc. It would certainly contribute to more productive searches and probably reduce the number of redundant questions.

Second, the request:

I need help. I get emails saying the cron ran but, when I check the sitemap, temporary files, etc. it's clear it did not run. I think it's odd that I get those emails when there was no crawl.

Further, I am now unable to get more than 18,600 pages mapped. This is worse than the old version which crapped out at slightly more than 22,000 pages. I'd love to map about 35,000 pages or more.

I wonder if anyone has success in getting this to work for large sites and, if so, how they did it.

Finally, I would be willing to pay extra for clean PHP source code. Yes, it's easy enough to bypass the simple encryption scheme but what a hassle just to troubleshoot the code and make it run more efficiently.
Re: Suggestions and Requests
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2009, 10:55:07 AM »

1. thank you for suggestions, we are going to reorganize the forum structure in the near future.

2. Can you please try to run manually vua SSH the same command line you use for cron task?

3. Currently we do not provide clean source code for the script, sorry.