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Hello, I would like to see if I can get some help?

I removed my sitemap because I had a few pfd’s errors and resubmitted to Google and it came back ok but now when I do a search like “Custom Home Builders in Georgia’ my site will not come up. I would like to know if by removing the sitemap will it remove all of my keywords search in Google.
If any one can help?



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Dude, sitemap helps search engines to cache your all the links easily, Removing it doesn't mean that your website will get out of index.
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Sorry, but I am a home builder I do not know much about this.  All I did was to remove the sitemap under webmaster tools and reinstall it. I do not remember doing anything else. Could I have clicked on something under webmaster tools that would remove my site from Google search?

Thanks for your help...
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It looks like everyone in here knows nothing about anything. Three days and all I got was a lot of nosy people just looking but no smart replies. This is a useless forum BYE!!!!
Now u can reply!!!