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I have just bought your script. Before I install and use, i have a question:

My website is divided in 3 subdmains de... / en... / hu...
the "normal" subdomain www is not in use, only for language forwarding to the subdomains.

question 1:
to generate 3 sitemaps, will i have to install the script 3 times?

question 2:
i have been reading that yahoo etc. look automatically for a file sitemap.html in root directory. if i have now different files like sitemap_de.html, sitemap_en.html and sitemap_hu.html they wont be found. Is there a way also to create one big sitemap.html file for all three subdomains together? Or how should i setup differntly...

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1. you can change the "Initial URL" at Configuration page accordingly every time you generate sitemap, but it's more suitable to setup 3 instances of Sitemap Generator, in my mind.

2. There is no default name for html sitemap, so it's ok to keep sitemap_de.html etc. in your case.
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Please expound on that.

I developed in ExpressionEngine and I run a multi-site manager on one core installation. Therefore, all of my entries are in a MySQL database and the information is fed into weblogs of the main URL, [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ], and shares selective data with "subdomains" that are URL independent. Example:,, are all part of a media network. Each URL folder is stored in public_html and shares the core installation so it can share data respectively.

I have the xml GENERATOR folder in public_html and the sitemap.xml and ror.xml files are in there as well. I am using Google Webmaster Tools to submit my sitemap. I added each URL and verified each one under one Google account. I need to be able to submit a sitemap for each of those verified domains. How do I generate sitemaps for each of the URLs apart from the main URL? Do I upload the generator folder to each of the URL folders contained in the public-html folder and repeat the same process for each sitemap?

I am fairly new to SEO and BRAND new to Please help me out?
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you should install additional sitemap generator instances for other subdomains to create separate sitemaps for them, since it's not allowed to include them in one sitemap according to xml sitemap protocol.
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Worked perfect. Thanks :D