Unlim. Sitemap Generator right for my needs?
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I'm trying to see if purchasing the unlimited sitemap generator would be the right solution for my needs. My site has links to my sitemap (currently a blank page) and the content of the page is controlled through my admin panel. I have a text (or html) entry box in my admin panel for creating the client-side, human readable sitemap.

I will be over the 500 page max and will need the ‘unlimited’ version of xml-sitemaps. Here are my requirements – please comment on whether or not xml-sitemaps will be the right solution for me:

1)   In the xml version for search engines, I need to be able to specify which folders NOT to index. I currently use robots.txt and have the entire site blocked until I complete some product descriptions and have my sitemap (client-side) done.
2)   Will the HTML sitemap created by the product be suitable for just copying/pasting into the text box in my admin panel?
3)   Will the HTML version create the links for the user by allowing user to click on PAGE TITLES? Or does it just create links which will display as full urls?
4)   Will I be able to create categories so that the sitemap appears in a user-friendly way? (HTML version placed on my site through my admin panel)
5)   I noticed on the free generator, it says to enter the url and that ‘domain.com’ is different than ‘www.domain.com’… why? I don’t understand, because domain.com always seems to display exactly the same as [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]. Will this be an issue with the standalone generator?
6)   If there’s a difference between domain.com and [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ], which one should be submitted to search engines (xml file)?

Thanks so much.
Re: Unlim. Sitemap Generator right for my needs?
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1. You can block any folder(s) with a special option called "Exclude URLs". Sitemap generator also supports robots.txt, so probably no special configuration will be required.
I'd recommend you to check our online demo instance of sitemap generator: https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/generator-demo/

2. You can open created html sitemap, and use "View source" to get the code of the page.

3. It includes titles as well.

4. HTML sitemap is created in a tree-like way based on the *folder* in URL struture.

5. It's required since Google and other search engines differentiate domain.com and www.domain.com (it's possible to have different content on them, although in real world they are normally the same).

6. You should submit the one that you consider to be the main domain name for your site (in our case it's www.xml-sitemaps.com).
Re: Unlim. Sitemap Generator right for my needs?
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Thank you!