Generator creating duplicate of homepage
« on: July 30, 2009, 06:30:20 AM »
After the latest generator crawl and sitemap generation, I now see an error in Google Webmaster tools that wasn't there before. The generator is creating a duplicate entry for my homepage. The GWT error (jpg screenshot) is attached. When I look at sitemap.xml, yes-there's a duplicate... lines 11 and 11,225 (the very last entry in the sitemap) are my homepage. The only difference between the two is that line 11 has a priority of .5000 and line 11,225 has priority of .1638

Of course I can manually remove it and resubmit to Google, but why is it happening and how do I stop it from happening in future crawls?

My other problem (as you can see from the screenshot) is that 1,870 urls have been submitted but it says that only 141 are indexed. Why might only 141 be indexed? And if 141 are indexed, why would 0 show in SERPs when I do ?

Re: Generator creating duplicate of homepage
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please PM me your generator URL/login to check that.

re: submitted vs indexed
It takes time for Google to index all/most of pages based on your sitemap, so it's normal to have different numbers here.