Possible error/bug
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First off let me say that customer service has always been a determining factor in my endorsing this Company. The staff here has always gone above and beyond in regards to troublshooting tips and error corrections.

Well, instead of posting 2 threads, I thought it would save space to just go ahead and make this a 2 part question.

1. After sitemap generation is complete the blog aspect of the sitemap shows its links with this in the title: ᅵᅵ

If you could please tell me why this is happening and what I need to do in order to remedy it, It would be greatly appreciated. If it is an error or bug, is there an eta for fix? The sitemap is here: [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

2. Is it common practice to exclude the generator folder from crawlers via robots.txt.?

Thank you very much all -
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Re: Possible error/bug
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1. please try to define charset for html sitemap in generator/pages/mods/sitemap_tpl.html file:
<meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html;" charset="iso-8859-15" />
replace with:
<meta http-equiv="Content-type" content="text/html;" charset="UTF-8" />

2. Normally you have no links to generator folder on your site, so search engines will not find it anyway, but it will be no harm to exclude it just in case.
Re: Possible error/bug
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I changed charset as instructed and ran generator again. Not only is it still the same, but the generation process 'hung' as it attempted to map the blog portion. It took about 5 times longer than usual. As you can see, the sitemap is still the same as before, and I see that I forgot to mention in the first post that I have changed nothing. I have been using the generator flawlessly numerous times in a row and then all of a sudden bam! this happened, which is why I am starting to think it is something more severe than the charset. Why is this only happening to the blog portion of the site and why has it never happened before?
Re: Possible error/bug
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I just cant wait any longer for a solution as this is slowing me down, so I am forced to just remove the entire blog portion from the html sitemap. I hope you guys figure this out, but at the same time I would hate to have to reinstall the standalone and format the html to my liking again.