OK so I bought and installed the sitemap program and set it up.  I have two questions about missing folders and links. and the next quesion is about Ranking and Page layouts in Google and what I am hoping to achieve.

1) My site has a number of folders and it appears the crawler has ignored some of them.  Is this because it cant find the links to the folders? 
Example I know we have about 500 pages.  Its only finding about 200. 

Question: Do I need to create hyperlinks from crawled pages so that sitemap will go on to find and crawl these other folders?  The pages I created are mostly gateway pages so not a top priority to the running of the site if they have not been found and listed.  However I did think that the point of the software was to work server side to find them folders!

2) My main objective is to create an elegant listing of my website in Google which lists nicely in Google in a sort of table format.  I am seeing more websites listed with a list of internal pages displayed on Google. To see an example of a non related site that has achieved this (and which I intend to emulate) follow this URL:
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When Google finds Tooled-up.com then you can see it lists an elegant layout of the pages like this:

The Main Website Heading - this is who we are Blah Blah Blah

A bit of description about what we do more blah blah
Goes on for few lines and looks good reading
Finishes on the third line and so that is taht

Domain Name is in green
Contents   Who are we
Contact Us  Location
Another Catogory  And Another Catagory

Next site in the listing

Question: I have about five pages which are what I call "top important" pages which link to these sections.  How do I create ranking numbers so that the top 5 pages are ranked higher than the content pages. 

3) On broken links it only finds 6 broken links.  I go in, fix them and then it finds another 6 links! Tedious.. Is this right? 

My website is [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]
contact details info@365drills.com
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Re: Thanks! Installed and lovely crawl. THREE questions about our plans
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1. Yes, sitemap generator crawler "walks through your site", similar to search engines and regular visitors, so there must be a way to reach any page on your site by clicking links, so that generator can find them too.

2. This is called "sitelinks" and Google automatically decides whether to display them or not: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=47334

3. You should correct all broken links to empty the list.