Will unlimited generator work with our setup?
« on: August 25, 2009, 11:52:25 AM »
Hi Folks
We currently have 10 Ecommerce websites all on one unix server with different domains, They are all on IBM's websphere commerce suite. So far i think i have read we can do all of this with only 1 licence, with no manual work, Is this correct?

Each of the sites has its own dedicated area on the server where we store very simple HTML files which are linked to in the main site, will these simple HTML files be shown in the sitemap even though they are outside of the core websphere application?

Have you had any other instances of your software being used with websphere commerce?
Thanks in advance
Re: Will unlimited generator work with our setup?
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make sure that your server supports PHP language, which is required to run generator.
You will have to setup separate instances of generator for veeyr domain.
License agreement to use one lincese on more than one domain in case if they have the same owner.