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Author Topic: Crawling finishes after 35 hours, sitemap created, 101k pages indexed , 4 files  (Read 11946 times)


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25 October 2009, 17:42
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When I clik on  View sitemap, I have  4 files. the main sitemap.xml and 3 other  sitema1 to sitemap3.  But I have errors messages sitemap1 to sitemap3  not created. I did not create blank files sitemap1 to sitemap3  before running the script . My wbsite  is a large  with many pages to craw : [external links are visible to admins only].
Now I have the text sitmap, the html ditemap, but I don't have the XML sitemap. I have the main XML sitemap, but not the  children sitemap1 to sitemap3. Then I create blank file sitema1 to sitemap3. Is there any way I can get the sitemap1.xml to sitemap3.xml without rerunning the script, just by using the  text or html format.

Thank You

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sitemap generator needs to be started again. Make sure that you created files named sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml etc and set 0666 permissions to them.
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