Another Exclude URLs Question + HTML Sitemap
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I have a portal as my homepage and my forum is on

I know this is ok for exclusion, for example:

But not sure how to exclude this:
index.php? (Portal)
page__view__findpost(various numbers )

HTML Sitemap:
As you can see on my website Topics and posts are listed but I just want topics. So I guess I need to exclude
page__p__188&#entry188? again how?

Also how can I make it look like this: [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

The size of my sitemap is very large considering it's a new site so I'm guessing the above is the reason.

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Re: Another Exclude URLs Question + HTML Sitemap
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you can add exclusions exactly like this:
Code: [Select]
and it will exclude any URL that contains those substrings.

Also how can I make it look like this
You can customize layout/style of your html sitemap in generator/pages/mods/sitemap_tpl.html file.