Broken Link Questions
« on: July 24, 2006, 02:22:50 PM »
Hi -

I have a couple of questions about the broken link feature:

1. Is there a setting to make it more comprehensive.  In other words, I started with a large list of broken links and diligently fixed the problems. Now when I run sitemaps, I get 1 broken link, I fix it, run again and another one invariably appears without me making changes to the site.  I'm happy I got a long list whittled down, but I would think it should find all broken links with each run, not pop up one at a time.

2. Do you know how the Sitemap Generator's  broken link finder compares to Google's 404 error reporting?  Getting few or no broken link messages with Sitemap Generator would lead me to believe I should get few or no 404 errors on the Google sitemap site. But I still do get quite a few 404's on Google.  I'm thinking some of it is a timing issue with Google taking awhile to recrawl.  Anyone know how this works?

Re: Broken Link Questions
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1. it finds ALL broken links found during the crawling process (assuming that your site is under 500 pages limit). Possibly your site dynamicaly generates some links, so they do not appear for every generation.
2. if you will have no broken links found by sitemap generator, there is a good chance that you will have zero 404's reported by Google too.