I tried the trial and it stopped at 500 pages. About half the pages were really the same page with different variables displayed after the page. But there were more pages that were not included.  So I bought the unlimited version.

I have a dedicated server that has Coldfusion but not PHP.

So, the generator will not work.

Question:  From an external web site that I can use that has PHP, can I run the script and point it at my Coldfusion site?  If so, how do I do it?

If not, how can I generate an xml sitemap?

Thanks in advance.


yes, you can run generator from external site that supports PHP - you should complete installation as described in instructions and then change "Starting URL" to your main website URL, then run generator and when sitemap is completed you should transfer resulting sitemap.xml files to your main webserver.
Once its all done, get the sitemap generator to run on a cron, and have the cron on the other server wget the sitemap.xml file automatically an hour or two after the generator was scheduled to run.