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ok, so I use the xml sitemap on the home page to play around with it...
i go through the steps, and it generates the sitemap with a whole
slew of links...even though all the titles looked the same, but there
was a lot of links.

now I run the unlimited version...

1 link...(i see no robots.txt as I see with other
users having issues of showing 1 link also...)

I do not see that whole slew of them
as I seen when I run the sitemap
on the home page of this site.



How can i edit the sitemap.html template (before it
is generated) I would like to add a better design...

question about showing the sitemap.html which is
in the data directory...would it not be better to
do something like
putting up the html link showing the sitemap from
the data directory just looks wierd.

and I do not mind you having a backlink on the sitemap page..
but where it is now at the bottom with all that text, and link
looks very unpro and tacky...why dont you make your backlink
look like the natural process of the sitemap  to look like the rest
of the other links? it would look more profes...


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Re: Questions / Problems!
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Would like to get this going...any help out there?

I ran the free xml from the home page
comes up with like 31 links...i did notice that
it did not list the sitemap link.

I run unlimited...

2 links show. 1 home page url, and 1 sitemap link..

whats up with this?


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Re: Questions / Problems!
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Ok, I found out why it does not work.

I just went to sitemap config, and entered the www in front
of the domain, ie: [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]..

boom, it pulled 35+ links

I think your links on the site save to have www. in front
of them also...cant be sure...apparently [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] is
important to have.
Re: Questions / Problems!
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do you mean that not all pages are included in your sitemap? If yes, please PM me your generator URL/login and an example URL that is not included in sitemap.

To customize html sitemap you should modify pages/mods/sitemap_tpl.html file (including modifying the link in the footer) and recreate sitemap.

Yes, you can move your html sitemap to other folder, but make sure that you set 0666 permissions to sitemap.html so that sitemap generator can write to it.