Issue with http showing up twice in a url ex.

Excuse me for being naive but I have a question I hope someone can help me with.

I am not sure if these two incidents are related but a few days ago we used the xml sitemap software to create a sitemap. After it ran I noticed in google analytics that there were a few pages that were being accessed a lot that had weird urls and were coming from all over the internet. See below.

I canít tell if this is causing memory leak and looping or if this is even a problem?

So why is it happening? What is it called?  Is there a good way to fix it?  Should I be concerned?

I saw this URL in my google analytics. Any idea why (  /  it has a / before it begins )  would be placed at the end of   like this

If you have any questions i am happy to answer them.
Thank you so much.

please try to add this in "Exclude URLs" setting:
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Oleg Ignatiuk
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cool. i will let you know. just tried that.