Our sitemap is including Miva categories that do not exist on our Miva site. They do exist on some of the search engines results pages. Is the generator using these obsolete categories (broken links) from the search engines in creating our sitemap. We have SQLed our databases at our host Hostasaurus and the deleted categories are not on our server's databases (We've looked at the category file with MYSQL, The Miva Merchant admin category page as well as downloading the category file. These deleted categories are not there). I am guessing now that they are coming from our site's search engine indexed pages which still do have these category codes on them (broken links).
Has anyone else experienced this? Am I way off target in guessing that these deleted categories are being derived from index pages on the web?
Thanks for any help you can give, Larry

sitemap generator has a built-in crawler that opens your homepage, finds all links on it, opens them, etc.. It means that you have links to those categories somewhere on your site, please check that. If you need help resolving that, please PM me your generator URL/login and example "dead" link.
So sitemap crawler doesn't check Google, etc for broken links. When we look at the tab for broken links after crawling, the tab says no broken links. however when we look at the HTML sitemap, it has many broken links and these seem to correspond to the broken links we are finding in Google on our indexed pages. Very curious.