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Hi there

Just bought the script, very useful, thank you. I would like to ask 3 questions:

1) In the main setting "Inform Serach Engines Upon Completion" does this have anything to do with where I am placed? I would of course like to refer to my local search engine network under .ch and not .com i.e. for example: Does the script takes care of this or is this the matter of the search engines?

2) when broken links have been repaired and re-uploaded to the remote server, can I simply re-run the generator script on my browser and it will update the sitemap.xml file with the broken links?

3) After running the script, do I just leave the 2 files "sitemap.xml" and "ror.xml" on my server and that's it? Do I need to generate also an html file as well?

Thank you if you get back to me

Kind regards
Ronnie :)
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it only notifies predefined list of search engines:

2. Yes, you can run generator again to refresh sitemap after that.

3. HTML sitemap is automatically generated in generator/data/sitemap.html file. You can put it in domain root and link to it somewhere on your site - it's used for "human visitors", not for search engines.