Utf 8 support
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I have installed your script in my domain allnews.in and various subdomains to support regional languages. I have noticed Google did not index the urls as it contains UTF-8 charset.

Can you please fix this bug or let me know how I should run the program/

The below is the sample Google error:

Errors    25559    
Invalid URL
This is not a valid URL. Please correct it and resubmit.    
URL: Go to URLhttp://tamil.allnews.in/news/city-news/மதிப பெண சான றிதழை பதிவ செய யதிர ப பூர வேலைவாய ப ப அல வலகத தில க விந த ஆசிரியர பயிற சிமாணவிகள : இரவ ம ழ வத ம ரோட டில /29968.html
Parent tag: url
Tag: loc
Problem detected on: Feb 25, 2010


Re: Utf 8 support
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Please PM me your sitemap URL to check that.

Re: Utf 8 support
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Can I get a solution to the problem??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???
Re: Utf 8 support
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i have PM'd again with the request details. Hope solution is provided ASAP.