I didn't realise that when you bought the more advanced Stand alone XML Sitemap generator, for over 500 URLS, etc, it came in pieces you had to insert in your website root directory.

Seems awfull technical for most folks, even me. Yet I appreciate the pdf instructions to try to attach this install. I would try it, but:

Why can't the program be a external complete software, with going by pieces into the nuts and bolts of the website root area?

I'm not a HTML genius like some others here, so I like WYSIWYG. Better yet a external software program that does a external look into the website you specify to build the different sitemap's, would be easier for most folks.

I'm fighting with my confused web host folks (eNom Central), who can't even figure out (when they feel like answering back) if I have a website there, or I can FTP in and put these XML generator pieces into my website.

Been at it a week now, and ready to throw in the towell and look for a easier Sitemap Generator method, and get my money refunded.
Re: Is Stand Alone XML Generator only option for over 500 URLs?
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sitemap generator should be installed in a separate subfolder on your server, not in the root of your website. i.e. you need to create a new folder named "generator" (for instance), and upload generator files in it.