Generator Stops
« on: March 24, 2010, 08:08:47 AM »
Gooday Oleg

The generator was working great but now it takes ages to make an xml file.

It stops and I have to restart it after it reads about 100 pages at 20 a time.

site has just over 3000 pages.

I have done the php test and looked at the server settings.

Netfirms my host says:

The following settings cannot be manipulated via a custom php.ini as they are dictated by the hosting plan that you subscribe to


Any other sugestions please Oleg.

Thanks in advance

Re: Generator Stops
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has anything changedsince the moment when it was working?
Re: Generator Stops
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Gooday Oleg,

I have changed nothing at all...since you last looked at it for me, for which I thank you.

I left in on overnight hoping it would restart but nothing happened.

The only way I can restart it is to click on Configeration wait a little while , then click Crawling will crawl sometimes 20,60 or 100 then stop again.

Eventually have got the xml file but it is taking forever with this method.

Re: Generator Stops
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in case your host limits do not allow to create sitemap in one step, it's needed to resume generator until it's done.
You can use Firefox with "Reload page every X minutes" add-on to automatically restart generator.