Extremely Slow and Keeps Stopping
« on: April 06, 2010, 07:58:10 PM »
What are the ideal settings for max_execution_time,  max_input_time, memory_limit so I can tell to my host? I have plenty of resources available on my server but the script keeps getting hung up or stops completely. So far I have tried several times over the past 24hrs to produce a sitemap with no results.  I set the script state 30 seconds, Maximum execution time 0, Maximum memory usage, MB 0. Please advise. Thanks
Re: Extremely Slow and Keeps Stopping
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the settings depend on the site structure, number of pages etc. Please PM me your generator URL/login to check this.
Re: Extremely Slow and Keeps Stopping
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I am getting 130000 pages in 23 minutes. Used to having 130000 pages in days.
Hint was in Narrow Indexed Pages Set. Try Exclusion preset. I am now using this software without a hassle.