Problem with xml
« on: May 17, 2010, 09:24:44 PM »
I have a problem with the ror & sitemap xml files. When I generated the sitemaps, the html & text versions showed up in the generator, but the xml version (both the sitemap.xml and ror.xml) is 0 kb (on my FTP). The link to view it in the generator also doesn't work.

I looked around in my FTP and noticed that the ror.xml & sitemap.xml in the generator folder on my FTP DO have KB's, so I copied those to the root folder (which in my case doesn't seem to have a name?), because I figured that would be better than the 0 KB one in any case.

Now when I click the link to the xml file in the generator, something DOES show up, but it doesn't include all pages. I have a feeling it's just the xml file of the free version I used before.

I am kinda lost about what to do now, I hope you can help out?
Re: Problem with xml
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Make sure that you have allowed write access to sitemap.xml and ror.xml via FTP (set 0666 permissions).
Re: Problem with xml
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I have set the permissions, that didn't change anything.

I tried to go to the generator in internet explorer instead of firefox now, and that seems to have helped.

Is it normal that not all pages have been indexed into google yet? It says 645 out of 1036. Does it take a while to get them all indexed?
Re: Problem with xml
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I have encountered a similar problem where the sitemap.xml, urllist.txt, ror.xml, and mobilesitemap.xml are generated, but the sitemap.html files are unaltered from the previous crawl.  The only thing that I changed from the previous crawl was to check the, "use temporary files to store crawling progress " box.  I double checked the permissions and owner/group settings.  All generated sitemap files (xml, txt, html) were set to 0666 and had the same owner/group values.  The only other thing that changed was the pages number.  We recently added 14,000 URL's to our already 10,000 URL sitemap.  Any Ideas?
Re: Problem with xml
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try to remove existing html sitemap files and regenerate sitemap.
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I gave it some time, but still only about half of my pages are indexed. It says 543 out of 1024 are indexed now. Is there a solution to this?