We're uinsg SitmapGenerator 4 -and are excited by the new "Map Images" function for Googles new image sitemap function!

We've already excluded all nav / system image directories.

However, our Content Images (i.e the ones we actually want to index) are stored on a subdomain - i.e images.site.com, whilst SMG is told to spider site.com.

Is the best way to index these images to simply include that sub url - or is it possible to only index / crawl those images when called / linked from the main site?

How would I do this, tell SMG to include the entire subdomain (images.site.com) in the sitemap for site.com, or perhaps just follow links to that subdomain, i.e spider only images linked from the main site?
Re: Images stored on subDomain - how to crawle with SMG V4 Image Crawl?
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according to sitemaps protocol, URLs form different (sub)domains cannot be included in the same sitemap, so I'm afraid that Google most likely will reject such a sitemap.