Google NEWS Sitemap!
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Hey Admin,
Thanks for the program.  It indexes web very nicely, however what I need is the following.
This is the style I need.  Is there anything you can help me with in getting that stylesheet style with your program?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns=""
        <news:name>The Example Times</news:name>
      <news:genres>PressRelease, Blog</news:genres>
      <news:title>Companies A, B in Merger Talks</news:title>
      <news:keywords>business, merger, acquisition, A, B</news:keywords>
      <news:stock_tickers>NASDAQ:A, NASDAQ:B</news:stock_tickers>

Re: Google NEWS Sitemap!
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news sitemap requires a number of additional fields that are not available during normal crawl, like genre, publication date, etc.
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