1. To start with, I have set up password protection. My logged in status is NOT remembered. Every time I change tabs or complete a step I'm presented with the login screen.

2. Any changes to the defaults are NOT saved. The generator and data directories are 777. The generator.conf is 666 and I have added the .htaccess to the generator director with RewriteEngine off

3. The generator accurately creates a URL list. HOWEVER, it is unable to write to the sitemap.xml file or the ror.xml files. Both files are in 777 directors and both files are 666.

From the most recent attempt to crawl:

Sitemap details
Request date:
25 July 2010, 19:15
Processing time:
Pages indexed:
Sitemap files:
Pages size:
I just installed this on a different server without any of the previous problems. (See above)

The server where I'm having this the trouble is a shared linux machine run my Network Solutions.

I then reinstalled on the problem server. I'm still getting the annoying inability to keep logged in. However, this time the sitemap was generated without problem.

One other difference between the two: When crawling on the problematic server, you do not get to see any of the progress.