Earthlink issues...
« on: July 31, 2005, 12:27:12 AM »
I ordered the stand-alone version sitemap generator, got it extracted, but then the problem began.  My site is hosted on Earthlink, which technically doesn't support PHP 4.3 or higher (they're at 4.1.2 - read they had PHP support, figured it would be the higher version, my fault).  But, anyway, the other issue is that for some reason they require that all php files end in the extension .php4   Not thinking clearly at the time, I just renamed all of the php files to php4.  The initial index page opened, but then I was quickly reminded that the compiled files wouldn't reference the renamed php4 pages, they were still looking for the .php pages.  All that being said, and not being that familiar with Apache, is there a simple way to redirect the files to pretend they are have the extension php4, or is that point even moot because Earthlink is at 4.1.2 anyway?

Re: Earthlink issues...
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Hi Andy,

please download a new v1.08 to solve the php extension problem: after unpacking the archive you can rename index.php file to index.php4 (other files remain unchanged).