Another site with not much on it.
« on: September 04, 2010, 09:29:05 PM »
I wanted to try this program on my old Fidonet BBS site since it's a small site to see how the sitemap generator handled this simple site.

This is the location of the generator and html sitemap. [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]

It is missing several links on the main page, and there are 2 directories hanging off the root called autofair and autofair2002 among a few others that are being skipped. If you look at the main index page and the html sitemap you can see whats being skipped.

This seems to be a real nice program, and it's probably operator error. But i really do appreciate the support and especially the fast response to my questions.

Re: Another site with not much on it.
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make sure that there is a way to reach those pages, starting from homepage.