Newbe needs advice!
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I have a website called: [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]
My web host is Yahoo small business.
Yahoo small business has a lot of quirks that allow and NOT allow a lot of files ect to work. As example because of the Yahoo encoding I can never be W3C approved (I found that out the hard way after paying someone to correct all the issues on the site then when Yahoo small business updates the site it publishes text codes that throughs everything out the window).
I am not savvy in PHP, html, nor do I have a clue about half the other things your text instructions talk about but I do want an automatic XML doc on the site.
I know how to follow instructions or I can pay for your service so I don't need to know how the clock works to be able to tell what time it is... I don't want to waste my time or money, so, are you aware of any problems with using this with Yahoo small business sites?
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Re: Newbe needs advice!
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you should contact the hosting support to make sure that your server supports PHP language, in this case standalone sitemap generator can be installed for your site. Also, you can include installation service when ordering generator if you need assistance setting it up.