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1. Most of the discussions regarding the root folder -- /public_html/ , chmod etc -- appears to assume unix servers in use.
2. My server is virtual hosted Win2003 -- where is the root folder in this case? The directory structure is
    webspace/  Should the sitemap.xml (for Google) be uploaded alongside the default.htm file?
3. Similarly should the  urllist.txt (for Yahoo) and ror.xml (for other crawlers) be placed along with the default.htm?
4. Would appreciate clarification.

Thank you
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the documents root is the following in your case:
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webspace/ file should be located in this folder (i.e., webspace/
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I didnt know that this generator needed to be in the root folder. Since I am on they do not allow me root access. Is there any other way around this?
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it should NOT be located in the root folder, but in documents root. i.e., the folder where you upload the files for your site.
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Where is the root folder of my server located?

direction were as follows:
How to install an osCommerce template
Your archive manager will create an "osc" folder inside your unpacked root directory. You should upload the contents (every single file and folder) of this folder to the root folder of your server.

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That is the place where your main domain documents reside.
Exact folder name differs depending on host.