Multilanguage sitemap
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I am completely new to this site and wonder if you could help me on with the following questions:

We have a mulitlanguage website that has more than 500 pages, so I would need to get the paid version anyway. Before buying it, I have tested the free version and found the following problems: All the languages were on the same file. On the forum I found that this isn't a problem, but for google, this could al be left together.
What if I also want to use the sitemap to have it displayed on the website for the users? Is there a way to have one file per language?
Accents in French, Spanish and German weren't displayed properly. I found that others also had this problem, but did not find an answer to this. Could you please let me know if there is a way to solve this?
And my last question is: in the future we might add Chinese, Japanese and Portuguese. Would that be a problem with the signs?

Thanks a lot for your answers
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as you correctly noted, xml sitemap is universal and including URLs for different languages in the same xml sitemap file is not a problem for search engines.

For the html sitemap, most likely it would be just sufficient to modify character set in generator/pages/mods/sitemap_tpl.html file and recreate sitemap (default is set to ISO-8859-1 and you might need to change it to UTF-8)
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Hi again
Thanks for your answer, the thing for the languages should work, but what I stil haven't figured out is the following:
How can I make a "userfriendly" sitemap, meaning one per language? Would I have to split that manually? And if so, what about if my site gets updated. Do I have to change that manually every time as well.
Thanks a lot!
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depending on how your website is organized, you can setup multiple instances of sitemap generator, each one will create sitemap for one language, if it's folder-like: