Sitemap software not working
« on: November 11, 2010, 01:22:28 PM »

I have just downloaded and installed the sitemap sowftare on my server but I can't get it to work properly. There are two issues - when I click the 'run' button to start the crawl of my site it doesn't start and just flicks across to the home page of the genetor software.

when I try to change some of the configutation changes on the genetor home page it won't save the results. I don't get an error message as such but the fields just revert back to their original content.

I have tried to follow the intrsuctions so I have update the file properties etc. Any ideas gratefully received.

Best Regards, Ed.
Re: Sitemap software not working
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make sure that you allowed write access to generator/data/ folder (set permissions to 0777) - you should be able to save configuration after that.
Re: Sitemap software not working
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Hello, thanks for your reply.

I had already set the permissions on the data folder to 777. Since then I have set the permissions of the indivuals files also to 777 but that didn't work either.

Suffice to say I still can't save any setting or get the software to generate a sitemap.

Is there any further ideas or points to check? Can I pay the extra $10 to get someone to check it on my behalf?

Best Regards, Ed.