Customization Question
« on: July 27, 2005, 09:15:10 AM »
Recently submitted an email few weeks ago to contact email account and did not get a response, so wanted to post here hoping the programmer / creator of this wonderful system can help.

Do you do customization services for this program?

Is the backend using a MySQL database? If not how is the information stored?

When I select the option to notify google, does it send an email? Use the ping method? Let me know on this since I have noticed several other programs use basic update to google, while others do both contacting them PLUS pinging. The pinging I have discovered can be much quicker method than waiting for google to hit it. Difference in our initial tests of 1-3 weeks vs. 3 hours. If you donít already have this in your system, would be an excellent benefit to have.

Assuming you do customization work on this, here is the items I am looking for:


MySQL backend to store the data
Expansion to allow me to create site maps for multiple domains with existing features.
Possible expansion to allow automatic upload of each site map via FTP to overwrite existing ones for updates. I am thinking configuration settings for each domain which include ftp address, username, password, directory it should be uploaded to (example: /www/ or /mysite/www/ etc.)

Administrative login (single login) to ensure this information remains secure. If you do not have something like this, I have built a custom security piece for oscommerce which can be easily included into your application header to ensure security and that it requests the login / password. No problem giving you this piece to improve your program.

If you can offer this type of customization, please contact me to discuss. Thanks for your time.

Re: Customization Question
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the generator script is designed to be as easy to install/use as possible. This is an optimal solution for many people, that's why the script doesn't use db and stores data in flat files.
The script certainly uses Google ping method to notify them about sitemap as described in their protocol to ensure they will check the sitemap asap.
Regarding your requests: we will add the authorization feature for the script in the next generator version. As for more complex customization, we will consider this, but currently I'm not sure how popular it will be.

Thanks for your suggestions!
Re: Customization Question
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Thanks for the quick response.

Actually the items listed above were not so much suggestions for your future upgrades, but rather asking how much it would cost me to have you customize your application to do those things.

Don't know if you have the time, but the nice thing about what I am suggesting is if the price is right, once this is completed you would have another version you could sell to web development companies like mine.

Let me know and thanks for your time.