Encrypted Source Code?
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I emailed you few weeks ago and posted a message on the forums under a different topic regarding hiring you to customize your XML Sitemap program for our needs.

I did not get a response back, so I purchased the program and paying one of my programmers to do various expansions to the program, but discovered it is encrypted. Can I get the unencrypted version from you please?

If you can provide me with the unencrypted version, I have no problem giving you a copy of the expanded  addition I have planned so you can resell it. The new addition I would have someone working on would include the following functions:


1. Administrative login (single login) to ensure this information remains secure.

2. MySQL backend to store the data versus flat file system currently using.

3. Domain management: administrative page which would allow me to add / edit / delete multiple domain profiles to be used for this system.

The mysql domain database record would contain some of the following profile variables (see online version above for idea): date added, starting URL, frequency, last modification, priority, request date, pages indexed, pages size. (see online version above and complete for any domain to see examples of the last four variables).

4. Expansion to allow automatic upload of each site map via FTP to overwrite existing ones for updates. I am thinking configuration settings for each domain which include ftp address, username, password, directory it should be uploaded to (example: /www/ or /mysite/www/ etc.).


I have no problem paying my programmer to do this and do not want any commissions or anything from it when you sell it. I just want th unencrypted source code so we can build this new "corporate edition".

You can send the unencrypted version to my email address of

Please let me know and thanks for your time.
Re: Encrypted Source Code?
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sorry, we are not planning to release unencrypted version of PHP Sitemap generator in the nearest time. Also the alteration of the script is against the license agreement for the generator usage.

On the other hand, we're always open to your suggestions:
* the login feature is already implemented and added to the generator version v.1.08
* we will consider creating the extended version of sitemap generator in case we'll have enough requests for this.

Thanks again for your valuable input!
Re: Encrypted Source Code?
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Okay then, how much would you charge me to do these modifications and send me the revised program?

Also how long would it take?

I can send you half down and half upon completion if you can get this done in a timely manner.

Let me know and thanks for your time. :)