Using new version with Joomla 1.5.22
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Hope someone can help me with this one.

I have started a new site based on Joomla CMS ver 1.5.22

The articles on the the site are published within the usual menu but will not be on shown at the front end. The viewer will have to use the search box to locate them as the site is about two different countries and will grow very large.

Problem is this - Generator will not include any articles not showing on the front end despite the fact that they are published and within a menu.

Your thoughts would be very much appreciated.

Re: Using new version with Joomla 1.5.22
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there must be a way to reach those pages by "clicking links", otherwise sitemap generato bot couldn't find them (it can't use the "search" form).
Re: Using new version with Joomla 1.5.22
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Thanks for your reply

However, this is very disapointing as my site will have a very simple template and frontend with viewers making full use of the search to find out the infomation they want to know.

The site is about Britain and Poland and will expand to many thousands of pages in due course.

I guess that I will just have to let the search engines crawl the site without a sitemap.

Funny, but Google picked up the site without a sitemap after only one week!