Setup & Installation Questions
« on: August 01, 2011, 05:35:42 PM »
Hi, I emailed a week or so ago but have not had a reply so hopefully someone on the forum can help instead :)

I have several websites and they are all on a dedicated server - if this xml-sitemap is installed on the server will it allow me to create sitemaps of my various websites or will it need to be installed into each individual website folder? (this would be the paid for unlimited php pages version).

Also on the website it mentions you can pay the extra for installation, again would this cover the set-up so I can run sitemaps for my different websites when needed and also for notifying google etc?

Sorry for what are probably very basic questions but my ex-partner used to do this side of things so I am in the deep-end and learning as I go.

Re: Setup & Installation Questions
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the license allows to use generator on more than one site as long as you are the owner of those sites:

Generator is designed to be installed separately on every website.

Installation service includes setting up of sitemap generator on one website (additional installation service fee can be paid for other websites if needed)