data/ folder - 0777 ?
« on: August 12, 2005, 06:08:10 PM »
Sorry, I just bought this and I am so confused...  What and where can I find the file .. data/ folder - 0777 ? It isn't in the unpacked zip files.
I found the file and changed the permission to the 666 and now I am totally lost!
Re: data/ folder - 0777 ?
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the folder name is "data/" and you should set its permissions to 0777 :)
It is included in archive, make sure you are extracting the files with "including subfolders" option in your archiver software.
Re: data/ folder - 0777 ?
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I cannot get anything to open the zip generator file on my server I can only open everything on my hard drive?  When I extract and try to have it go to my generator file on my public html folder it says server not available.  Does that mean I have to move every file separetly?
Man, I am beginning to wish I had never bought this thing!  I am totally lost.. When I try to extract the files they go no place except to my file folder on my hard drive and the folders have nothing in them ie the data folder mentioned, it's empty so naturally there is no files in there to upload.. I guess I will just count this whole process as a loss.. have a great day and thanks
Re: data/ folder - 0777 ?
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this works exactly the same as with any other web script.

1. you should extract the downloaded file onto your hard drive
2. upload all extracted files to your host then
3. set permissions as described
4. open the browser and enter the url of your host folder where the files were uploaded

"data/" is an empty folder - that's ok, because this is the folder where the script stores its logs.