Problems logging in with password
« on: June 23, 2011, 12:30:45 AM »
So i was changed hosting companies a while back and just decided today to redo my sitemaps.

Here is the issue I have.

When i use my password - it logs me i no problem but when i click crawl or any other menu item it boots back to the login page. I log i again i get the main page and when i click crawl again it boots me out to the login page.

What i did was I removed the password feature and put it blank. Then i logged in with only my user name - that worked!!

Then i tried to reset the password and when i clicked crawl it booted me back to the login page again.

So this time I blanked out login and password in the config file and logged in with no username or password (not secure) and again it worked no problem.

I then tried to reset both password and login name to another name and again same thing when i click crawl it boots me back to the login page.

When i look in the data folder - i see an awful lot of session files - like it creates tons of them never saw that before.

It would appear I can login no problem as long as i do not use a password to log in which of course is not good for security measures.

Is there any reason for this issue? I cant seem to get it to work. I would rather not delete and reload the whole program again I am wondering if its a common error.


EDIT i just removed the generator.conf file and now its gone and i cannot login at all.
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Re: Problems logging in with password
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I just reinstalled fresh again everything and exactly the same issue is present. Everytime i try and crawl it boots back to the login page and when i login i get to regular page and when i press rawl boots me back endlessly.

I cannot use sitemap unless i stop the password feature.

Please help
Re: Problems logging in with password
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i forgot to mention i found a weird work around.

What i did was go into the generator.conf file and i manually inserted the PASSWORD.

There was a string there already similar to this - 7bc6543704f9bb3a8552ecea6b2026ef (note i changed the code for protection).

I manually removed those letters and numbers and put the password in and IT WORKED!!

I assume the letters and numbers are the password cloaking security feature.

Anyways its still not proper as i have my password there and it should work without me doing all this.

This should help boil it down to do something with the passwrod generation
Re: Problems logging in with password
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thank you for details, I'm glad you found a workaround for this issue.
Re: Problems logging in with password
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Well i still need help mate. That is why i am here.  Its not normal your software to have this issue so I need to know what the issue is.

I have spend several hours testing things to come here to tell you and trouble shoot for you to help you and your product.

I Need help and to know why this is happened - have you read my requests for help?

The work around means I cannot use password to login and thus not secure.

I want this fixed please can you help me?
Re: Problems logging in with password
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please let me know your generator URL/login in private message to check this.