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I follow all the step and add the permision for sitemap.xml to 666 and ror.xml and data to 777

and click the craling button to create a unlimite sitemap for my domain but the sitemap generator keep say: Please wait. Sitemap generation in progress...

the sitemap generator still runing and I do this yestarday on Wen 13 today  Th 14 7:37AM

Why this is not working I dont have to mutch content this is driving me nuts
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When I go to my sitemap.xm I get this

XML Parsing Error: no element found
Location: [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ](dot)com/sitemap.xml
Line Number 1, Column 1:
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Why im getting this inside of my sitemap.xml


Un0 EiZG]   -`gD*sd}HV!C$ݽ'm 8Y4QԦZ҇lAoYaЀ"lo}CI`5bq}HF9@^':
<om(kl\gd\opXWq같4Hn13z_)n56Q0qvwV'RЖ3ƈr Jk*
J~KbqV*ʶ|7 X1 bxwp9c]1i7~Okv-.Ȅ=dZ
RfɄꜶNP_PD {pjtudW'Ǎ?"p!\:LN;Z>ve

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If you have enabled gzip compression option, that might be a normal output.
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My sitemap generator is not working the generator keep

Continue the interrupted session (2011-07-14 14:35:59, URLs added: 3921, estimated URLs left in a queue: 94)

When I open my site map is empty I use the free version and is giving me 500 but the unlimite generator is not doing nothing what is the problem
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OK - im not getting no respond or support for this

this is going to be my last reply I realy need some one to check my sitemap generator settings so they can see wha is wrong becuase I follow the step and the sitemap is not generating nothing or creating a sitemap for my site if I dont get no respond I will open a dispute