Slow indexing problem
« on: July 25, 2011, 05:21:37 PM »
Hi there I run the sitemap and all goes well. However when it reaches around 35,000 the sitemap goes really, really slow. I was wondering how it could be sped up. I mean I think I will have over 200,000 pages to scan. How can I get it to scan quicker.

I also have foreign translated pages under directories of /de /es /it /pt /fr I thought of splitting them up so they would scan quicker. However when I set it as and only allow to inlude /de links it does not find them all. So back to scanning them all at once.
Any suggestions helpful.
Re: Slow indexing problem
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you can add language pages in "Do not parse" setting to have them added directly in sitemap and speed up the process:
Re: Slow indexing problem
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Hey I tried this it was a alot quicker thanks yet still does not crawl all foreign pages!