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I would like to thank everyone who has helped me thru this!  Thank You!
Now one last (hopefully) question.
Has anyone else found this?
I run an affiliate store thru yahoo and everytime I run the Generator it gives me the bad / broken / missing links which is Great however, it has listed over 200 bad links links that I don't even have on my server, computer or anyplace I can think of?  They all start with my name followed by this:  "  %20http:/" it also has my account info on the last part. which I will not post here. even the http:/ is wrong because it should say http:// .
I am totally lost and when I do a complete search thru the server it finds nothing like this.  Only the sitemap generator report finds these bad links.

Again thank you!
Have a GREAT Day!
Georgianna Nickerson
Re: broken links
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Hi Georgianna,

at the "Broken Links" page, check the "Referred from" column: it contains the url of page where the bad link appears.
Just open this page and look through its html source.
If you can't find these "yahoo" links, PM me the url of your generator instance.