Fatal Error
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Fatal error: Call to undefined function i0c9crUM5phHcmd1CrY() in /home/content/00/7964800/html/articlepublisher/generator/index.php(2) : eval()'d code on line 39

What I have is hosting with godaddy and I host multiply domains under one hosting package. I need this generator for one domain [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]. Since all my html or php files are in seperate folders I put the program in the corresponding folder and received the above error. I then tried placing at the root html folder and received the same error. I believe I setup the other files and data folder correctly. Please advice what I need to do.

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Randy DeHetre
Re: Fatal Error
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please try to re-download generator package (using the same link), and upload all files to your server, overwriting existing ones.
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In a separate email to you I was able to get it to work. Although I could not load some of the file via FileZilla or Dreamweaver. I just had to Put my complete site again and now I need to use my hosting ftp to upload your files again. This is something that should not be happening.


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This are the files that would not upload.

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can you provide a temporary ftp access via PM to check this?
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It is fine now I just used my host ftp manager to upload the files. I am also going to ssh so that will be better then ftp.