Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 install
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OK. I have my own Windows server (iis 6) with php 5.3.6 installed, not a shared account.  I have used remote desktop and IIS manager, set all the permissions, created the blank files in the /data folder and in the root.

1. The script will write to the sitemap.xml file in the /data folder, but says it can't (after it finishes running)
2. Never writes to the sitemap.xml file in the root
3. Never writes to the sitemap.html file in either the root or /data folders (says it can't (permissions))
4. Always writes a crawl dump.log file, a file that starts with sess_* and a dated .log file just fine. If it can write these files, it should be able to write the others just fine.
5. wants to put a "." in front of the html sitemap when you open "view sitemap" tab in the index.php screen (eg  <  .[ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]  >)
6. The .xml sitemap file is fine when viewed in this tab but see #1 above

Q: Why do you always put "PM me" in the forums for us windows users looking for answers? the forum is no help at all.
A: I am beginning to think this script just doesn't work properly on Windows servers.

After 15 years of working with windows servers, this script makes me feel like a newbie. Why can't you get someone with Windows server knowledge to write a install guide for the windows servers?
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Re: Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 install
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when you set permissions for sitemap.xml in domain root, make sure that you allow write access for IUSR_* usergroup (the name of usergroup can be different though), it's not sufficient to just allow write access for "Everyone".
Re: Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 install
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I have already done that.

I allowed Full access to IUSR_* user group for the entire folder /generator- all permissions set to inheritable for all subfolders and files.
I also allowed Full access to NETWORK SERVICE with no results.
I enabled sharing to all groups with no results.
I have changed the inheritable permissions on /generator and applied permissions directly to the /data folder with no results.
All files have write access.

Since this is my development server, I have even tried setting the above permissions for the ENTIRE site with no results.

I continue to receive the error that the files are not writable, but the generator will write the sitemap.xml file in the /data directory and yet still returns the error.
The generator has never written to the sitemap.html file.

I also restart the server with every configuration change to be sure the settings propogate properly.

Any more ideas?
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Re: Windows 2003 IIS 6.0 install
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I'm sorry, I screwed this one up.....appologies :o

Entirely my fault with the directory locations in the generator config.

Works great now.  Thanks for the great product.