Hi everyone, I have a doubt.

I can generate sitemap.xml but I want same urls don't appear in sitemap.xml. This kind of pages are the blog section pages, with urls like this:
[ External links are visible to forum administrators only ]Page-7.html

If I exclude the keyword 'page-' of EXCLUDE URLS, so the sitemap generator could not 'run' for the different pages of blog section and it's impossible to finish the sitemap completely.

So, I wonder how to crawls all the urls but do not include same of them (the ones with 'page-').

Thanks in advance for your reply and I hope you understand my english.

Re: I don't know how to exclude urls listed in sitemap.xml, but crawls it
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if I understand correctly, you want to include the pages linked *from* those URLs, but not these pagination URLs themselves.
You can add "page-" in "Parse only" option in sitemap generator configuration for that.