Getting error
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I am trying to set up another website's property listings sitemap to work like my other account where only one page is scanned that has a few hundred links to property listings for different zipcodes.  We purchased your software separately for tis new website and I set it up the same way my other one is set up.... but I am getting this error when I try to crawl the site.

Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/staveley/public_html/generator/pages/ on line 102 
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does it create sitemap though? What is the number of URLs indexed?
(that message is a warning that usually appear when no pages were included in sitemap)
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No, it's actually not creating the sitemap.  I have it set up the same way as the other site though.

I want it to scan this page:
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....and have it follow each zip code link to scan all the individual properties in each zip code.  I dont want it to scan anything else.   I set it up like this:

Include only:    mls-
parse only:      search-zipcodes/idx/zip/

this set up works on the other site.  You had helped me set that one up though so I am not sure if I am missing something else.   

I sent you a pm with login details in case you need it.
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all your pages are blocked with your robots.txt:
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
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Hello Oleg,
WOrdpress was set to block search engines since the site is still in development.  I unblocked it, but it is still not working...same error.
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You had no space in "search-zipcodes/idx/zip/" setting, I've changed it to:
Code: [Select]
search-zipcodes idx/zip/
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Ahhh... I see.  I knew I was close!  I am not sure why you have to have a space...

Thank you so much for your help!!!