Sitemap generator not working. Someone Please help!!!
« on: November 08, 2011, 03:29:39 AM »
Hi team,

Today I purchased your Sitemap generator. email Id is

I have followed the instructions and successfully installed them.
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However i can see that no Sitemap files are being generated. When ever i click on RUN, it just takes me back to Configuration Tab

Next issue is that I created a cron job and i can see the following e-mail response

/bin/sh: /usr/bin/php: No such file or directory

So i used the selection button to select it from the GUI and i got a path like this

/web/cgi-bin/php5 "$HOME/html/generator/runcrawl.php"

Please let me know if this is fine
Please help me in resolving this issue.
Re: Sitemap generator not working. Someone Please help!!!
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Why are you sending solutions to problems privately instead of on the forum? The purpose of the forums is to find answers to problems, not to view non-answers that say "replied to your email." Why bother having a forum?