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how the image sitemap will be helpful
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it helps search engine to find the images on your site and correspondingly improves chances to appear in "Image search" results.
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I recently purchased the image sitemap en copied the files over the existing files.
Now when I go to crawling en click RUN it does not create a sitemap anymore
I set the data folder to 777, sitemap.xml and sitemap_images.xml are 666
So I desided to restore the version that did not contain the update, but it doesnt help, it doesnt generate any data anymore.

Can you help me out here, it doesnt give an error message, on analyse the site folder structure is empty
I will give you the login if you need it.
For your convenience I put the data from the left menu here.
Kind regards
John Simons ([ External links are visible to forum administrators only ])

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please let me know your generator URL/login in private message to check this.