Depth level?
« on: February 09, 2012, 06:31:39 AM »
Can you explain what depth level is?

I thought it was the level it goes beyond the frontpage but I'm not sure?

So for example if I have a frontpage with on it a category and the categorypage has 10 subcategories and every subcategory lists 100 products.

What will depth level three do?

Will it get the frontpage (level 1), the categorie page (level 2) and all the subcategories (level 3)? So total of 13 pages in index?

Or is depth level the number of links it will go after on a page? Or what is depth level?
Re: Depth level?
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"depth level" in this case means "the number of clicks it takes to get to the page starting from homepage".
That said, with depth level "2" generator will index:
> hompage and all pages linked from homepage
with depth level "3" it will index:
homepage, pages linked from homepage and pages linked from pages found on "level 2".