virus problem
« on: April 23, 2012, 12:17:53 PM »

unfortunately seems to be the sitemap generator of attraction for one as soon as it lasts, it installs a couple of days and he is infected with the eval (base64_decode. This encodes all files in base64 and writes his own files.

According to information from the Net, this is a virus of the long rest for a while and then eventually directs visitors to a particular website.

And why have some problems here in the forum when they upload the new version ... because it does not work and it is then the error was not found base64.,5968.msg19779.html#msg19779,5449.msg21505.html#msg21505,1228.msg10673.html#msg10673,3709.msg13509.html#msg13509

Re: virus problem
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there are definitely no virus in sitemap generator package.
Also, latest generator code doesn't have any base64() function calls at all.