html sitemap wrong, other sitemaps correct
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I have a poetry site named Poems and Poetry at and I'm using the latest stand alone version 5.

On the site I have over 104 pages dedicated to different poets, and the URL's of that section are in the format poets/poetsName

These are all listed correctly in the sitemap.xml and the sitemap_mobile.xml and the ror.xml sitemaps for example:

poets/darren-lord | Poems and Poetry

However, in the sitemap.html file, although all the other pages on my site are listed correctly, all the poets pages are simply listed as:

| Poems and Poetry

The name of the poets is missing on every occasion,  when I hover my mouse I can see the whole link, and each link does take me to the correct page, but on this public sitemap all 104 poets links are listed identically as just

| Poems and Poetry

The html sitemap is at and the incorrect entries are towards the bottom.

Any idea what the cause is or how I can cure it?
Re: html sitemap wrong, other sitemaps correct
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html sitemap shows the page title as specified in html source with <title> tag, on your site it looks like:
<title>| Poems and Poetry</title>
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Re: html sitemap wrong, other sitemaps correct
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I've pasted and copied from the html sitemap. 

The poems part of my html sitemap is correctly listed like this:

poems 285 pages
A Birthday | Poems and Poetry
A Grandchild | Poems and Poetry

The poets part of my website is incorrectly listed like this:

poets 104 pages
| Poems and Poetry
| Poems and Poetry

On all my other  sitemaps the whole of the site is listed correctly, but on the html sitemap some of it is listed incorrectly as above.

Re: FIXED - html sitemap wrong, other sitemaps correct
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My thanks to sitemap support, who pointed me in the right direction.  This reply may help someone else who is using Drupal 7 and has the same problem.

I was using the stand alone sitemap v5 on a Drupal 7 site and also using the Meta tags 7.x-1.0-alpha6 module and the Pathauto 7.x-1.1 module. 

My URLs were being correctly created by the Pathauto module.

Most of the metatags were being correctly created by the Meta tags module as (PageName)(SiteName), but for pages being created from taxonomy terms the default mata tag setting was (TermDescription)(SiteName) and I hadn't entered descriptions for the taxonymy.

As soon as I changed the default taxonomy meta tag setting to (TermName)(SiteName) the html sitemap depicted the correct titles.

The fault was nothing to do with the sitemap software (which was working exactly as it was designed to do).  The fault was mine for using the incorrect mata tag term for the taxonomy pages.
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