First thing - what a great product!  I'm very pleased with my purchase ;D.  Now, I have numerous dynamic pages that look something like this:
...etc.  I have similar pages under /itemB , /itemC, item/D etc.

I would like to exclude all the pages that have ?page=1

When I type in ?page=1 under the 'Exclude URLs' section, I effectively exclude such pages but unfortunately I also exclude pages that contain a 1, i.e., ?page=10, ?page=11, ?page=12, etc.

Is there a way to write the 'Exclude URLs' section to only exclude pages with ?page=1 and
NOT exclude pages with ?page=10, ?page=11, etc.

Thanks in advance!   
Okay, I found a solution.  I believe the ? was causing a bit of a problem so I dropped it.  I included some regex and it seems to work.  Using the following in the 'Exclude URLs' section, I'm able to exclude pages that have a url ending in page=1, while including pages like page=10 or page=11 etc.

I included this in 'Exclude URLs' :


Looks good, I'm glad you were able to resolve the issue!
Oleg Ignatiuk
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