Dear Customers,

We have released a new version of Standalone Sitemap Generator script.

New version includes the following changes:

    * (new feature) RSS feed add-on module implemented
    you can optionally create an RSS feed for your site - about RSS feed
    * (new feature) AJAX crawlable content is supported
    the site must comply with "crawlable ajax" specifications
    * update: memory usage optimized
    * update: including images from external domains is now supported (optionally)
    * update: new video sources supported:, Coull
    * other updates and minor bug fixes

Note that we have also launched a new Pro Sitemap Generator service:

Key features of sitemap generator service:

    * We will create XML sitemap for you from our server and optionally will keep it up-to-date
    * You only need to provide us with your website URL
    * We host your sitemap files on our server and ping search engines automatically
    * No software installed on your computer or your server
    * We can create and maintain Images, Video and News sitemap as well

As always, existing customers can get the new version free of charge using the same download link: upgrade instructions.
Good news! Cheers
Thanks you so much Oleg. Why do you NOT CHARGE for these major upgrades?
Dear Customers,
We have released a new version of Standalone Sitemap Generator script.

Can it index international characters, like Russian, now ?
Thank you for the update!

What are the proper upgrade steps? Simply overwrite what is there? The "upgrade instructions" link above is just pulling up the frontpage of the forum.

Thanks again!
You basically just need to upload all new generator files, overwriting existing ones. Your configuration will remain unchanged.
Thank you for this response. I had actually found this on my own as well. I believe in the past at some point i over wrote my config file by mistake. But that was my fault.

Thank you again for the reply. As well as for the new features!
Thanks you so much Oleg. Why do you NOT CHARGE for these major upgrades?

Feel free to send them a donation.
Thanks Oleg. Luckily I had a friend purchase the program also and she had her original email. I pulled a bonehead and could't find my original email. But I have it downloaded now and will upgrade shortly. Thanks for the awesome program.........  :)
Good news! Thanks!
... Can it index international incoded pages, like Russian ?
I tested it. It does not support international characters. There is not even HTML - XML declaration.
 And my server going down on regular basis when I install XML-sitemap, looks like a huge memory leak.

Google index all without sitemap at all. There is not point using this rubbish. Waste of time.
Though I do not agree with the last post that this is a rubbish product, I have been noticing some negative issues with the updated scripts. First, it is skipping pages that never met any rules to skip them. I can not find why they were skipped. Second, it has yet to actually finished running the script. With the previous version I would run the script 3 times a week adding about 150 new pages (images) and removing 10 or so pages. This would take a few hours (with a good delay). Now, since the upgrade, it has not yet completed once. It seems to "crash", after receiving the abort command or whatever it is. I still have some things to check before placing in a real forum post on my issues.

Besides this, I love the software, and appreciate it how much it helps get my pages onto google. But, I am also thankful that I made a backup of the previous version before completely jumping onto this.